How Glass Inserts Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you looking for new ways to increase your home’s beauty? Or are you looking for cost effective ways to increase your home’s resale value? Have you given any thought to adding glass inserts to your front door? While this may be something you overlooked in the past, it deserves 100 percent of your attention in the future. Once you examine your current door, you may come to the conclusion that it’s time to add glass inserts. Reasons to Add Glass Inserts If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate to [...]

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Benefits of Fiberglass Doors for Exterior Applications

Go back in time 50 years and most entry doors were made of wood. While these are still available in today’s day and age - and offer a beautiful look - there are several other options to consider. For example, fiberglass entry doors are extremely popular among today’s homeowners. Benefits of Fiber Glass Doors The Look of Wood: Are you interested in the look of wood, but concerned about things such as maintenance and upkeep? If so, fiberglass is the answer. With the ability to stain a wood-textured fiberglass door, [...]

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What is Digital Printed Glass?

In today’s day and age, there is no shortage of things that can be printed. And this includes digital printed glass.  While many people are unfamiliar with digitally printed glass, including the many benefits and uses, others have taken full advantage of this trend. What is it and How to use it As you know, digital images are printed on everything from wallpaper to floor tiles. However, with the right technology, it’s also possible to print digital images on glass.  As digitally printed glass has grown in popularity, [...]

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Benefits of Decorative Glass

When you look around your house, there’s a good chance you see windows everywhere. While some people are okay with a lack of privacy, others realize that covering their windows in some way, shape, or form is critical. Many homeowners opt for curtains or blinds, as this provides the privacy for which they are looking. Despite the popularity, there are several drawbacks associated with this approach: When open, you lose all the privacy you’re looking for Curtains and blinds both require regular (and often difficult) cleaning Fortunately, there’s another option: [...]

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